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Cathedral City Mature Cheddar

Britain has a vast wealth of experience to draw on when making Cheddar. Originally made in the fifteenth century and matured in Somerset's Cheddar Gorge caves, it has become Britain's most popular cheese and has been imitated by countries across the world. However, no other country has been able to steal Britain's Cheddar crown. Cathedral City Mature Cheddar is made to a special, traditional recipe in the West Country - the home of Cheddar. It is matured over many months to give a smooth, rounded flavour and a texture that is tantalisingly firm and a little flinty. Many think that this cheese is delicious with Guinness. A more orthodox companion would be Merlot.

Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar

British cheesemakers have developed Cheddar over a course of centuries, honing the skills that have made the cheese a global bestseller, imitated to no avail by many other countries. Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar takes sixteen months to develop its distinctively tangy, full-bodied, and luxurious flavour and its wonderfully flinty texture. Enjoy with a Merlot or Claret and the perfect evening stretches out in front of you.

There are even more mature variants now in the market place - look for Cathedral City 20 (matured for at least 20 months for an even fuller and more complex flavour).

Cathedral City Lighter

A reduced fat and reduced calorie version of our top selling Cheddar, Cathedral City Lighter has 30% less fat but the same great taste. Ideal for everyday use as it grates and slices easily and is ideal for sandwiches and topping your pasta dishes.

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Davidstow Mature Cheddar

Cheddar's home will always be Britain, and particularly the West Country where it originated. Davidstow Mature Cheddar is made in Cornwall and has an unmistakable taste. A full-flavoured cheese, matured for between six and ten months, it has a smooth, creamy and wholesome flavour that deliciously compliments a Sauvignon Blanc or Rioja.

There are extra mature and vintage versions of our cheese as well as a number of retailer own brands which exclsively use our famous Cheddar. For more information please visit our web site: